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NAM consits of Airsoft and historical reenactment enthusiast who are interested in the history of the Vietnam War. Though the team operates mainly in the Poznań area in Poland, it stays open also for non-Polish citizens who reside on the territory of the Polish Republic.

Join us now! (Source: Marcin Pflanz / alternation.pl)

Rules of enlistment

You can join us if you

  • are at least 18 years of age,
  • want to respect the Airsoft law and the internal rules of NAM,
  • are able to obtain a suitable equipment consistent with the requirements of a given section,
  • want to participate in meetings, especially the ones organized by our team,
  • prove your fighting ability.

We are open for new ideas as far as they do not interfere with the team’s Vietnam-style profile. People who want to join NAM should contact us using the details given in the CONTACT US section.

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