NAMSTOCK: New Year’s Day Battle of ’68 – summary

Posted October 28th, 2014 by macv

The latest scenario from the NAMSTOCK series which took place on September 28, 2014 at Bugaj near Poznan gathered a group of Airsoft and Nam Era fans. These people, posing as American G.I.s from the 25th Infantry Division as well as NVA regulars and Viet Cong guerrillas, have created an impressive event.


NAMSTOCK: New Year’s Day Battle of ’68 – summary

Here is an account of this particular meeting.

Phase 1: The outer defensive line

The first wave of NVA attack was aimed at the outer U.S. defensive line. The communist forces, consisted of NVA regulars and VC partisans, established in the meantime a field hospital in the remnants of a nearby village.
This object played a crucial role in the battle, by providing support to the North Vietnamese troops. Next, NVA seized a dense, rugged terrain adjacent to the U.S. fighting positions. An intense firefight occurred there, with the dug-in Americans repelling the attacks. Simultaneously, NVA scouts moved to the rear of the U.S. positions. These forces, though few in number, used camouflage techniques and marksmanship skills to cut off American reinforcements and within 30 minutes eliminated at least one fireteam. Meanwhile, the main NVA force eliminated the entrenched defenders one-by-one and seized the outer U.S. defensive line.

Despite attempts by the American forces to regain control of these positions, NVA held the line and won this stage of the battle.

Phase 2: Attack at the LZ

The second stage of the battle marked the attack at the American LZ. Starting from the seized trenches, the NVA launched the second wave of attacks at American positions. After short but intense firefight a set of explosives was blown up by a NVA sapper within the LZ.

Surprisingly, Charlie won another skirmish.

Phase 3: American counter-attack

After two drawbacks, Americans launched counter-attack aimed at the NVA positions near the village. These forces were to be eliminated as posing threat to the U.S. HQ. Initially, G.I.s gained some advantage by securing the village and temporarily stopping the flow of communist reinforcements. The NVA swiftly fought back regaining the control of the area. Then Americans launched some attacks defeated by the dug-in North Vietnamese.

Although U.S. scouts effectively managed to reach the rear of the NVA, these forces were too modest to turn the fate of the battle.


Due to the exhaustion of the participants the event concluded at this point of the four-stage scenario. Finally the NVA won all the three phases of the battle while the Americans could see how hard is to repeat the success of their great predecessors. A total of 19 people, mainly form the Wielkopolska Airsoft community, took part in the event. Ten of them fought as U.S. forces while the others operated as NVA/VC soldiers.

Our team would like to thank take this opportunity to thank all those who helped organize this year’s NAMSTOCK.
In addition, we would also like to give special thanks to our friends for their contribution to the event:


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