The last quarter of 2014 saw the 6th edition of the Vice Poznań Airsoft events and the Tigermeet tactical exercises as well.
Vice Poznań6: Radio Venceremos was set in El Salvador engulfed in the civil war during the 1980s. This oldschool-style event took place on October 12, 2014 and gathered 29 Airsoft fans, mostly from Wielkopolska.
We recommend pictures taken by Milena during this edition of Vice Poznań.


The VP6: Radio Venceremos event was loosely based on the conflicts that raged in Central America during the last decade of the Cold War

We want also to thank our friends for the help in organizing this meeting.

During he last stages of the previous year the Tigermeet exercises were resumed. The meetings took place on November 9 and December 28, 2014. The main subject of these exercises was focused on fireteam and squad level tactics. This issue will be continued during this year’s exercises.

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